Joanna and her children with products

I’ve always had an interest in natural remedies and treatments, and with the birth of my daughters, Mimi and Bella, I wanted to offer them washing products that suited their young, delicate & sensitive skin, without irritating it.

In 2011, I made our first shampoo and bubble bath before approaching a contract manufacturer to develop these further.

After trying these initial products on my own girls and friends’ children, the feedback I received was fantastic; the products not only performed beautifully and smelled fantastic, but also worked wonders on sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to eczema.

This unexpected outcome was the springboard for a series of clinical tests and user trials – which continue to this day on everything we produce, and that allows us to make our sensitive and eczema-prone claims on pack.

I named the brand Childs Farm after our own Farm, and all the labels feature my girls, their cousins, friends, their pets and our farm animals, bringing authenticity to the brand, and helping to engage with little ones to enjoy using the products more.

We are an ambitious brand and we intend to revolutionise the baby & child toiletries category globally so that all products found in this aisle are fit for purpose - being suitable for the skin & hair of new-borns, babies and children, even those with sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to eczema.

So help us to enable all babies and children the world over to be happy in their skin, and introduce Childs Farm to your bathroom - and join the revolution!

Best wishes,

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Joanna Jensen, CEO and Founder.

Childs Farm

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