What’s in our products


Childs Farm only uses ingredients that parents can trust:

Essential Oils
Essential oils not only smell fantastic, they also possess additional benefits. Some contain a natural biocide which lifts off grime. Others, such as the tea-tree oil that we use in our detangling spray, can deter head lice. Their aromas can also affect the way we feel, acting as a mood changer to calm us down, relax us and make us feel happy.

At Childs Farm, we only use essential oils that can be put undiluted onto a baby’s skin without harming it. Our yummy smells come from organic sweet orange, mint, tangerine, grapefruit and tea tree oil.

Natural Detergents
Some plants make natural detergents. Our surfactants are derived from beets, corn & coconut and are Soil Association approved.

Natural Moisturisers
We rely on natural ingredients like vegetable glycerine and honey to hydrate skin and hair. These not only add moisture, they also grab it from the environment, which means our products keep on working long after bath time is over. We also use plant-derived oils; incredible emollients which reduce the amount of water escaping from the skin, helping it hold onto moisture and remain more elastic.

Natural Preservatives
We use high-grade, broad-spectrum preservatives at the lowest safe concentrations and natural preservatives like rosamux, which is derived from rosemary.


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