Come join us on the farm for 3 minute fun slices, with Radar, Bella, Peggy Truffles, Old Red, Mimi & Buster!

Buster's Comet

It's evening at Childs Farm, and the animals are eagerly awaiting a meteor shower in the night sky. Mimi has got them hats, scarves and glow lights, and Buster? Well, he's made a comet! 


The Scarecrow Show

Radar, Bella, Peggy and Truffles make scarecrows, but Buster's is the best!


The Pirate Treasure Hunt

Radar, Bella, Peggy and Truffles go on a pirate hunt for Buster's treasure!


The Downhill Run

Mimi and Old Red teach Radar, Bella, Peggy and Truffles to sledge, but Buster saves the day!


Pigs Can Fly

The Childs Farm animals help Truffles to collect flying!


Let's Dance

Bella is looking for a dance partner to help her with her tap dancing!


Hide & Go Seek

Radar, Bella, Peggy and Truffles play hide and seek in the woods!


Birthday Bounce

Its Radar's birthday, but everyone's forgotten! Or have they?


Spring In September

Bella, Peggy and Truffles find an unusual way to put a spring in their steps!


Seashell Share

Peggy and Bella fight over the prettiest shell on the beach... But it already belongs to somebody else.


Up, up and away!

Truffles goes for a world record in balloon animal making!


The Show Pony

Radar's show-jumping talents are outstanding. But how well will the other Childs Farm animals do?


Surf & Turf

Buster to the rescue again! Thanks to his surfing skills.


Crazy Kites

Buster takes kite-flying too far!


Bunnydog Trial

Buster helps Radar and Truffles round up the bunnies on Childs Farm!


Sneeze Symphony

Buster makes hay fever fun!


Snowball Bunnies

As the Childs Farm team build their winter snow men, they come under attack by snowball throwing rabbits.  Buster shows his cool moves and finds the naughty bunnies who in the snow appear invisible!


The Giant Pumpkin

Truffles wakes up to discover that his veggie patch has got a little out of control because a large pumpkin has grown across his front door! With Radar's help, the pumpkin goes on a incredible journey with messy consequences.


The Magic Show

Mimi the mouse puts on a Magic Show for her friends on the farm, with some magical results. Features delicious looking cup cakes.


Quick Cricket

Peggy the duck tires out the other animals at Childs Farm when she goes for a century in their game of cricket.

Childs Farm

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